In the course of our normal professional duties we regard ourselves as claims avoidance experts, however if you’re in the unfortunate position of a dispute with your builder or contractor, you may need our help to provide a RICS Expert Report, with an impartial view to help resolve the situation.

Our experts follow relevant guidelines published by the court or professional body and follow the RICS Practice Statement and Guidance Note ‘Surveyors Acting As Expert Witnesses’. When appointed as an expert witness, surveyors at RMS understand our overriding duty to assist a tribunal and provide opinion that is independent and does not promote the point of view of the instructing party. Our position of the surveyor is different when acting as expert advisor, when the appointment is often less formal.

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Construction Disputes:

At RMS, we have experience in the following:

  • Advising solicitors/clients before any formal dispute resolution process has commenced
  • Preparing advice at the pre-action protocol stage
  • Assisting in defining and agreeing issues between the parties
  • Assisting in the evaluation of the merits of a case
  • Assisting with quantifying or assessing the amount of any sum in dispute
  • Assisting with identifying the appropriate basis on which a case might be settled early and fairly
  • Preparation of Expert Witness Reports and advice
  • Dealing with written questions
  • Acting as single joint expert
  • Acting as expert appointed by either party
  • Attending at without prejudice meetings of experts
  • Giving evidence at adjudication hearings

Strategic Project Reviews

When commissioned to review distressed projects, our team have expertise in undertaking a logical, multi phased approach which gradually builds a detailed knowledge base. We facilitate appropriate and robust conclusions, leading to well considered decision making.

The approach we take is tailored to suit individual circumstances but can include the following process:

Data gathering:

  • Obtaining an understanding of the client brief
  • Gathering historic papers and live report documentation
  • Desktop study and appraisal
  • Establishing any evidence of active management of risks and uncertainty
  • Reviewing Project Governance relationships and methodology
  • Identifying weakness for further consideration


Feedback and Analysis:

  • Establishing areas to be addressed for each key project element eg. Programme, Cost, Risk, Resources, Quality
  • Risk mitigation strategy
  • Project delivery review


Implement Agreed Change:

  • Provide a simple activity list and implementation for a recovery plan

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