Re-Cladding High Rise Student Accommodation, Bristol

Stellar (Bristol Tower) Investments Ltd
Quantity Surveying Services
Form of Contract:
JCT 2016 D&B

Following the Grenfell Tower enquiry, removal and replacement of Aluminium Clad Materials (ACM’s) from high rise buildings has been an urgent requirement to mitigate fire risk.

RMS were engaged by Stellar to negotiate a Contract for the removal and replacement of defective cladding materials and replacement with non-combustible materials. The 18 storey tower which was converted in 2017 to provide accommodation for 400+ students.

The works were required to be undertaken with Students in occupation. Whilst the works were completed during Covid restrictions, the lower occupancy levels provided the opportunity to develop a decant and phased works strategy.

The first enabling stage works was to undertake risk mitigation and to replace cladding at lower levels to mitigate any chimney effect.

Working closely with the Architect, Structural Engineer and specialist fire consultants a strategy for removal and design was developed. Existing cladding panels were surveyed including primary and secondary structural fixings, thermal insulation and fire cavity barriers.

The replacement strategy was agreed and monitored by the Local Authority Building Control and Avon Fire Brigade considering the continuous occupancy. Quality Assurance measured were also implemented to ensure the highest level of workmanship were maintained. Despite Covid-19 restrictions the project was completed within budget and without delays in occupancy.