Robinson Properties Ltd – Warehouse Extension

Robinson Properties Ltd
Project Management, Quantity Surveying & Principal Designer
Form of Contract:
JCT Design & Build Form of Contract

We were engaged by Robinson Properties (Landlord) to provide services in connection with an extension to an existing warehouse, which would form part of a separate demise totalling 3165m2 (34,000 ft2).

The tenant of the existing warehouse, had out grown space in the existing unit and were considering moving into the much larger new unit. Design and development was therefore progressed on the basis of a speculative development.

Following receipt of tenders for construction, lease negotiations were on going and during groundworks it was understood that the new tenant was likely to require modifications to the base build including installation of a new mezzanine structure. At this critical point in the main contract programme groundworks for the new mezzanine would need to be installed.

We successfully managed to convince the tenant to commit to proceed with design of the mezzanine foundations. Although only a small commitment, this provided the necessary leverage to conclude lease negotiations.

We continued to assist both the Landlord and the Tenant with change control and agreement of variations to the main contract scope such as: lighting layouts redesign to suit racking and mezzanine layouts; intruder alarm enhancements; additional loading bays.

Assistance to the tenant mitigated delays and abortive costs of a developer’s shell that would have ordinarily been incurred post-handover.